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Siapa Tutup Lampu
Siapa Tutup Lampu is a 2021 Malaysian Friendship and Thriller Film Directed by Aliff Ihsan Rahman, scriptwriter Azhar Jalil, and produced by Horizon Film Entertainment & Articulate Fusion Productions.

Siapa Tutup Lampu stars Azizul Ammar, Uyaina Arshad, Naim Daniel, Azhar Jalil, Ismi Melinda, Afieq Shazwan, Geoff Andre Feyaerts, Melissa Campbell, and Mark O’Dea.

Siapa Tutup Lampu is an adaptation of a Theatrical Performance that has won many awards in one theatrical competition.

Siapa Tutup Lampu has not announced the release date but it will be available on Video on Demand platform. Follow Siapa Tutup Lampu Facebook Page for the latest news on release date.

Siapa Tutup Lampu is a Friendship and Thriller film genre; a new concept in the Malaysian market and among the first in Malaysia.

5 Friends (Akmal, Arif, Aryana, Azie, and Amir) were on holiday at Genting Highlands. On the way home, they were involved in an accident that killed Amir. The other four were needed to be present at the morgue to make an identification of Amir’s body.

While waiting for the doctor in the morgue, they were locked out in the morgue and is frequently disturbed by various mystery distractions. Among the most notable are the lights that go out suddenly. The Four of them suspect that the entity that is bothering them is Amir’s restless spirit because they have made many wrong mistakes towards Amir; even when Amir was very kind to them and always helped them when in trouble. But Amir’s kind attitude caused the four to take advantage.

While confined in the morgue, they recall back their memories of how they get to know each other, and all their faults they had against Amir were exposed one by one.

Did they all make it out of the morgue alive?

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Horizon Film Entertainment
Horizon Film Entertainment Sdn Bhd is a high-quality film and television distribution and production company. 

The Producer, Mr. Mohd Shahir Bin Sulaiman, along with his team has extensive experience in large and small scale production in Malaysia and Indonesia. 

Articulate Fusion
Articulate Fusion Productions Sdn Bhd is still new in the entertainment and film industry; however, very experienced in entrepreneurship and project management. 

The Producer and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ahmad Firdaus bin Mohamad Tahir is a strategic person and always looking for new challenges in various industries.

With his success in international project management and creating Articulate Fusion Productions Sdn Bhd, he is very confident that collaboration together with Horizon Film Entertainment Sdn Bhd can produce exceptional local and international content. 


The filming began on 6 April until 20 April. Filming took place in:


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Temptation Shack
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It has been a great experience to be involved in the production and being part of a Malaysian Film. We would like to thank all the production crews, actors, and actresses who have contributed their hard work to complete the film as per schedule. We would like to also thank the Production Manager Mr. Fariz for giving the sponsorship opportunity to Temptation Shack.

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