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What’s so good with IOS13+? You can use a mouse on your Ipad of course! Now your Ipad is officially the slimmest Laptop-like device that can fit in your bag and be turned ON and ready in a split second.

Now you have the most powerful device in your bag that weighs like a feather, you would want a keyboard that can travel with you that is rugged, less Sakit Hati if Kena Kopi, and most importantly, something that Apple’s Magic Keyboard for iPad cannot do; which can connect to other devices that is not Apple-like your Windows Laptop or Android Device.

So, what is a good Magic Keyboard for iPad alternative that is under RM50 that can work with iPad and other non-Apple devices, as comfortable as a Magic Keyboard to type, and comes with a free mouse?

After deep research online, we found one really good Universal Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Set that feels like Magic Keyboard in a budget that you can type all day long. Introducing Magic Traveler’s Keyboard & Mouse Kit! A complete kit to deliver your creativity into words for the world to read.

Magic Traveler's Unviversal Keyboard & Mouse Kit

Now you can personalize your keyboard by choosing the colors that amplify you. Available in 6 colors; White, Black, Blue Pink, Purple, and Yellow. This Magic Traveler’s Keyboard & Mouse Kit was designed with Scissor Foot Structure Keys with short key travel for quiet and responsive typing. The advantage of this Scissor Foot Structure Keys is that it makes this keyboard feels like the Premium Apple Magic Keyboard!

The keyboard & mouse kit is both Bluetooth 3.0 and Wireless (2.4G). This means you can connect this keyboard and mouse to your Laptop Wirelessly through the provided USB Receiver to give the fastest response of your keyboard typing and mouse scrolling.

1 Keyboard Kit for all your devices! The Bluetooth on the Keyboard and Mouse is able to connect to any device at the same time and you can do a quick switch between devices instantly so you can multi-task using one keyboard.

Works with: iPad, Mobile Phone (Android / iOS), Tablet, Laptop & PC (Windows / Mac / Linux)

This 10-inch keyboard kit can last you for 30 days of usage (less if you go all out keyboard warrior level or troll master) with its built-in Battery and rechargeable through the USB cable so you don’t have to worry about buying a battery compared to some other Keyboard in the market.

So, if you’re looking for a Keyboard and Mouse Kit for your iPad on a Budget of under RM50, this is the best Kit in the market today. With its multiple color options, you can choose one that reflects you and get your momentum of creativity typing running with the Magic-like Keyboard Scissor Foot Structure that makes you want to just keep typing.

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